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Over 1,300 Patents
Awarded in 2017

Ideas Born to Fly

$14.7B Net sales –
Largest industry
aftermarket business

Ideas Born to Fly

#1 and #2
Position in every market
we compete

Ideas Born to Fly

UTC Aerospace Systems

We propel aerospace, defense and space exploration forward far beyond imagination, but there is more work to be done. We need your ideas, inspiration and expertise to continue developing mission-critical products and systems. Come soar with us.

why us

Never stop learning

Employee Scholar Program

We value intellectual curiosity and encourage lifelong learning. We also believe education shouldn’t be a financial hardship – and at UTC Aerospace Systems it isn’t. In fact, our Employee Scholar Program (“ESP”) is recognized as one of the most comprehensive company-sponsored employee education program in the world. The ESP allows our employees to keep learning and achieving without worry, because we cover all tuition and academic fees in advance for Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D. degrees and relevant certifications, too!


To date, UTC has invested $1.2+ billion in more than 45,000+ employees who have earned 38,500+ degrees. Our unwavering commitment to education makes us a best place to work, and it makes our people the best in their fields.

Professional Development

The resources to learn and grow, as well as to advance into leadership roles, are everywhere. Training programs, eLearning modules, lunch-and-learns and seminars develop skillsets and teach new ones. Formal leadership and development programs accelerate careers across our functional disciplines and business units worldwide.

Performance Culture

We are a community of high performing inventors, innovators, thinkers, manufacturers, motivators, leaders, problem solvers, dreamers and achievers. We are all big thinkers and we succeed thinking together.

Green Aviation

We are deeply committed to the sustainability of our planet. In every business unit in every location in the world, we are pioneering Green Aviation. From ground level to 30,000 feet and beyond, we are caring for the environment.

career areas

Around the world,
we have space for you.

UTC Aerospace Systems is the very best at what we do and what we do is change the world. We design, create and deliver the most advanced and diverse range of aerospace systems on the market. Each second, a flight takes off with one of our systems on board. At any given moment over 2.5 million of our components are in the air.


We improve the safety of air travel, open new frontiers for space exploration, and bring enhanced capabilities to military customers worldwide. We also advance careers by turning ambitions into achievements and dreams into realities.

Global Career Areas

  • Administrative Support

    We know the value of terrific administrative support. You help the team run smoothly and keep things coordinated.

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  • Aftermarket & Sales

    With over 50 Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) facilities worldwide, opportunities here span sales and business development roles to a wide variety of service specialties.

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  • Corporate Careers

    Opportunities across our central functions abound! From legal, marketing, HR and digital technologies to finance and more.

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  • Engineering

    Join our 8,000 high-performing engineers and work on developing solutions that redefine "state-of-the-art."

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  • General Management

    Whether managing our facilities, or specific programs and projects – we need you.

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  • Hourly Technicians, Operations & Maintenance

    Turning ideas into applicable, real-world solutions requires a talented and agile global manufacturing workforce.

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  • Operations & Supply Chain

    This challenging and specialized field takes employees around the world to ensure our clients have our products and systems on time and under budget.

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  • Quality

    If you, like us, have an unwavering commitment to quality in everything you do, this field of work will inspire you.

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  • Strategic Planning

    The world moves fast, and we’re looking for people with the vision to drive us forward.

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  • Students & Recent Graduates

    We offer internships and co-op programs across all our businesses and functions – this is a great way to get real-world experience in the (super cool) aerospace industry.

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The best part of my job is being associated with a company that’s advancing technologies and science to benefit aerospace and improve the human condition in how we live and travel.


You belong here.

With 150 sites in 25 countries, we attract professionals from around the world who are as intrigued as we are about the possibilities of aerospace. Our workplaces are where people from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives unite. Together, we create breakthroughs far superior to anything that might be accomplished alone. That’s the power of people, working shoulder-to-shoulder, on a global stage.


Our Employee Resources Groups (“ERGs”) bring together highly engaged people with similarities and affinities to help them fulfill their personal and professional potential. With social, networking and team-building events, ERG members are introduced to colleagues from all functional groups, building both interdepartmental connections and friendships.

The Hispanic ERG has given me an opportunity to give back to the community by allowing me to participate in workshops that encourage students to pursue engineering careers.

total rewards

Meaningful work, rewarding careers.

We show our commitment to our people in many ways, including the addition of new benefits and programs to improve the lives of our employees and their families.

  • UTfleX – Achieve work/life balance by telecommuting, having flexible hours, job-sharing or working part-time.
  • Increased Vacation Days – Enjoy more time-off, starting at day one of employment.
  • Performance Connections – Improving performance through an emphasis on real conversations and real results (not ratings).


Benefits vary by country

Wellness day is awesome; it emphasizes the importance of health and fitness in both mind and body and it lets employees know that the company has a real concern about their health.

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